The BIFMA certification for furniture

It is often thought that manufacturing a piece of furniture like a home chair or an office desk always has to be a creation that comes strictly from the hands of a designer. Also, it is commonly established that the piece of furniture’s design responds to the tastes of that same designer, without any rules or regulations to be met in order to guarantee not only quality, but a good and proper functioning.

In this sense, a real organization had to be planned and established. Now we got an entity called Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) which has a series of functions to establish parameters for the production processes on furniture pieces or seats used for work spaces.

What is BIFMA & what’s the purpose of its establishment?

It’s an organization established under a non-profit criterion, and formed with the purpose of creating voluntary standards that promote safe working environments. This means that BIFMA produces standards specifically applied into institutional and business furniture, and also works to promote legislation that will continue to make office furniture safer for workers and consumers.

It is worth mentioning that the norms for the furniture manufacturing are different between the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. So each of these countries is subject to regional criteria in order to maintain a common goal, which is to achieve the perfect performance on every working individual while using the particular piece of furniture.

To know if a piece of furniture designed to occupy a certain type of space is actually meeting the standards established by BIFMA, first it must pass some important tests.
Once the testing period is over, it is possible to determine how safe, functional and sustainable the manufactured furniture can be and whether it will work for the tasks that must be performed within an office environment.
It is important to say that after these tests have been carried out, only those who resisted the BIFMA standards will get approved.

Why should furniture be tested & certified with BIFMA standards?

Offering a comfortable piece of furniture into a work environment that has previously met these parameters will probably make an influence with a notable increase in productivity inside the company. Also, injury risks and work-related accidents will be considerably reduced.

On this same note, it must be taken in consideration that once you purchase furniture approved by BIFMA, you are guaranteed to obtain something very exclusive. This is very important for work spaces, since employers will probably talk about how their organization is providing them with the best resources they could possibly give. Many specialists consider a comfortable work environment as the cornerstone for a safe job.

How BIFMA certification increase furniture marketability?

When you have a piece of furniture that has been audited under proper comfort parameters and standards of safety, sustainability and durability, consumers can take for granted how this top quality is being offered and guaranteed to them.

Companies that acquire these qualified products for their work spaces have to know that when a piece of furniture has been approved by BIFMA, they went through rigorous tests to put its capacity to an extreme, which guarantees high security levels. This obviously adds a positive look to the product, making it very marketable.

Our company expertise in BIFMA certification & testing

A lot of companies want to get BIFMA approved. It’s worth it, because workers actually deserve BIFMA certified office furniture. This gives them enough support every day, making them comfortable in their own environment and letting them do the best work possible.

To get this approval, De System will provide you with compliance service and testing for ANSI and BIFMA standards. If you want to know about how your products can fit into the BIFMA requirements, contact us and we’ll help you apply. Our expertise in this area comes from being one of the pioneers in certification consulting. Contact De System for BIFMA certification services.